Tivi Jones

Hi, I'm Tivi 👋🏾

I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, their teams, their profits, and their confidence.

I'm a Marketing Communications Consultant that helps femmepreneurs increase their confidence, earn more money, and create freedom for themselves—through the power of consulting.

I’ve been a professional consultant since 2010, earning over $1 million from my expertise and serving hundreds of clients through agency work, group coaching, products, and training.

People en Espanol, Rolling Stone, Time, PBS

I’ve been featured on PBS, Time.com, People en Español, and Rolling Stone and built my successful consulting company around the mission of “pleasure, ease, and abundance.”

Awesome Work

Building a digital consulting business can benefit women across all classes, industries, and backgrounds. (I'm literally writing a book on it.)

With an intersectional feminist lens (and unapologetically Millennial flare), it illustrates how consulting can build confidence, close wealth gaps, and provide a means of true freedom for women in a capitalist world.

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Speaking Engagements

With over a decade of professional Marketing Communications Consulting experience, I have a lot of stories to tell. Let me share the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, proven strategies for growing your business, and all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.


1-on-1 Business Mentorship

If you can dream it, I can help you achieve it. Private coaching with me is designed to empower you to reach your biggest, most-delicious dreams! Come fully devoted to your goal and invest in yourself with 12 coaching sessions. You get top resources from me and my team, plus text and email support.


Marketing Communications Consulting

I founded Hey Awesome Girl as a social impact creative studio with a social justice mission. We help mission-driven brands influence public narratives, increase brand power, and activate buying decisions with our marketing software and our D.E.I.-focused approach.

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